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6 must things you should look in a Kerala honeymoon Packages

Very often we've encountered our customers getting confused when it comes to what to add and what not to in their trip to Kerala . For many, it's abundance of alternatives whereas for others, it's only lack of awareness on what is available. We mean to produce this bit of writing a lighter reference to enlighten people who are confused about what are the most significant things, not to miss Kerala honeymoon packages.


1. An exotic candle light supper, in a mild decorated floating pavilion in backwaters of Kumarakom

This happens to be among the wildest fantasies of honeymooners. By nature, Kerala backwaters are beautiful in nature. Evenings are the most beautiful region of the day, together with setting sun decorating a golden blanket around the lake surface. Due to this specialty, the majority of the honeymooners desire to have a candle light dinner here. To add much to the excitement and fun, imagine a candle light dinner, set up onto a floating pavilion in water, beautifully lit with lights and candles, nearby the hotel on the mainland. When you like the dinner, then back there in american, people look at you with amazement of seeing something entirely exotic and unique. Typically, the pavilion will be floating about 50 meters away from the hotel's campus and there could be one chef, 1 waiter and one navigator on the pavilion, to support you.

2. A day at rumbling waterfalls of Athirappally

Athirappally is the biggest waterfalls in the country. With just about 80 km from Cochin City, Athirappally isn't too far to reach and to not close to the city, to get corrupted with its crowd and grime. Most travelers will plan to reach Athirappally not later than noon. There are a number of the very beautiful resorts here, few of them overlooking the waterfalls, with a panoramic window pane in bedroom. A stroll upstream from the hotel's campus is something quite exciting, playing through the flow, counting the pebbles. Reaching the foothills of the waterfalls can take about one to two kilometres and a single hour in time. Looking up to the peak of the gigantic waterfalls - the biggest in the country, make you feel extremely small in front of the power and majesty of water and the character. Honeymooners enjoy this experience and take everlasting memories of their honeymoon packages in Kerala.

3. A refreshing experience of fishing, canoeing and boating

Backwaters offer the best amenities for canoeing and fishing. There is a growing concept of catch-n-cook; this enables one to go for a brief canoe ride, do a little fishing, bring the fish back into the hotel, and get it fried with the assistance of chef in the hotel. In most cases, it has to be for the very first time in life that someone must have done fishing, even if not canoeing + fishing cooking. Kumarakom and Alleppey would be the most famous places where you may avail these facilities.

4. A relaxing overnight houseboat cruise in Alleppey

According to a data, 90 percent of people who see Kerala, does not leave the place without even visiting a houseboat - make it a day-cruise or a joint day and night excursion. In 1 sense, there is nothing exciting and most feel tired of even the idea of spending a day and night alone in a floating boat in the center of the lake, which too for a comprehensive night. The landscape changes a lot and it's one of the best places to see the beauty of backwater locales. To add to the spice, honeymooners additionally enjoy the exotic candle light dinners and flower bed decorations done in houseboats.

5. Eravikulam National Park, Munnar and couple of allied attractions

Eravikulam National Park is a precious gem in the throne of Kerala. Unbelievably exotic flora and fauna, almost extinct species and unique all-natural beauty set aside this place. A day trip could be projected to Eravikulam, with a mix of walking and traveling by road. 25 kilometres and about one hour by road, this area deserves a special place on your Kerala honeymoon packages.

6. An evening at tranquil beaches of Marari

When there is 1 beach a honeymoon should not miss in Kerala - it's Marari. Here the beaches are incomparably clean; the ambiance is unimaginably solitary and private. Unlike a number of other Indian beaches, here you do not get retailers forcing you offers/services. Here you do not find any kids playing or youth staring at you. Come, unwind!

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